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I started life as a Graphic Designer for Newspapers & Magazines. Now I write on Creative Development for anyone who is looking for a home for their creativity. Ever since I could remember, wasted talent has always disturbed me. I've heard of so many creative people who's lives came to an abrupt end, or people who have long but totally frustrating lives. Due to the fact that they never found or nurtured their talents. So I've set out to explore everything that makes up a deeply satisfying creative life. The solutions I'm finding & creating are the things people need to create again. These solutions have become my purpose.

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Everyone is born creative but this site is for anyone interested in creativity and innovation. So if you are an aspiring media professional or interested in a career as a visual or performing artist. Is it your dream to be a successful designer, musician, songwriter, author, film maker, actor or any of the many other career avenues out there. Then read on.

But creativity has a broader meaning that goes far beyond these more well known creative pursuits. Creativity is a way of looking at the world through new eyes and interacting in original ways. So if you are looking for ways to express yourself through the medium of your choosing, then you’re at the right place!