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Creative Development

These books are about You. Your creative journey. Your search for a home for your creativity. Some of the books are about childhood creative development & others are more specific to a particular creative industry or fields. But you can learn a lot from any of these books.


There are a lot of ways to be successful as a creative professional. Whether it be Art marketing, Advertising & publishing, the Music industry, online media or many other professional pursuits. Books that improve your rate of success have always been read by leaders &innovators in their chosen fields.


History is full of creative souls that have always inspired those who came after them.

Even living artists and their art still has the power to inspire the artists who will be born into this century. What art has inspired you?

Creative Theory

There are many books written by Creativity researchers, academics and theorists.

They have used many techniques to explore peoples capacity to be creative. And have discovered all the character attributes that make up a predominately creative personality.

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking has been a way of documenting effective creative strategies & processes that anyone can learn. Everyone is born creative but this natural ability can diminish over time. But these thinking skills can be learnt so you can use them to be a more productive employee or manager.


We are surrounded by Design. The modern world is a designed world. For those who hope to become a designer (or a better designer), these books are for you.

A design book is often a thing of beauty in itself. Weather it be industrial design or graphic/information design, there are books designed just for you.


To be an innovator, or be part of an innovative organisation, there needs to be an understanding of what it is, why is it important and how do you use it’s principles to be a effective leader in any industry. You can innovate everything. These books show you that very product, service & process can be innovative.

Self Development

As you know there are many Self development & Self help books out there. But these books focus on subjects that would interest the more career minded person. Apart from these books being encouraging & informative. They also place things in the big picture, because if one area of your life is unwell, then other areas of your life will be affected too.

The Creative Career

These books are more technical. They help you learn how to use that industry accepted software. Or how to use social media affectively. These book will also bring you up to speed on new media tricks & tips. The right How to book can to your most practical resource.


It is said that a successful business is 80% marketing. So, a good understanding of marketing is so important. Some creative people consider marketing to be scary or boring, but marketing is about sharing your enthusiasm and devotion for the medium and content you live for. These book will help you to become the Creative you dream of becoming.


Creative people have been using journals for centuries to record their thoughts and ideas. They are used for drawings, writing, projects, dreams, travels, experiences or a combination of any of them. In the hands of a creative person, they can become works of art in their own right, sometimes sold as works of art. A good journal becomes like a close friend, taken everywhere, your imagination projected onto it’s pages.

Creative Leader

These books reveal the lives of people that didn’t follow the crowd. Did the opposite of what everyone else was doing. Stood out, made bold statements or redefined their field forever. These creative leaders will show you how they did it & how you can do it to.

Audio Books

Many Audiobooks are audio versions of published books. Often they are narrated by the author or a professional voice talent. They are great when you like to educate yourself while exercising or travel regularly. In some ways, Audiobooks are probably the most natural way to learn, and you can take notes as you go.